PIA’s School of Specialized Technology employs a helpful staff to guide you through each step of the admissions process. Feel free to contact us any time you need information about our aviation and degree programs. We are also available to answer your questions regarding class start dates, schedules, student housing, and entrance requirements.

PIA strives to offer the best aviation and technical training in the country, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the education you receive and the career opportunities that are available to you. Therefore, we do not pressure our prospective students in making their enrollment decision. We simply provide the facts and advantages of a PIA education, and let you and your family decide what’s best for you.

Admissions department hours are generally Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, if there is a more convenient time for you to speak with us or tour our facility, we will be happy to accommodate your schedule.

Admissions Requirements

All students admitted to PIA’s School of Specialized Technology must have a high school or GED diploma. Applicants must also take a Math Skills Assessment (MSA) prior to enrolling. The purpose of this examination is to gauge the math skills level of the applicant so that any deficiencies can be addressed.

PIA adheres to a Non-Discriminatory Policy.

PIA Admissions Directory

Steven Sabold

Director of Admissions

Phone: 412-346-2122

e-mail: ssabold@pia.edu

Mark Honse

Admissions Representative

Phone: 412-346-2121

e-mail: mhonse@pia.edu

Bob Allison

HS Admissions Representative

Phone: 412-346-2128

e-mail: rallison@pia.edu

Dino Cicconi

HS Admissions Representative

Phone: 412-346-2127

e-mail: dcicconi@pia.edu

Kristi Schoenfelder

HS Admissions Representative

Phone: 843-238-2700

e-mail: kshoenfelder@pia.edu

Stephanie Ostrowski

HS Admissions Representative

Phone: 412-346-2119

e-mail: sostrowski@pia.edu

Benjamin O’Keefe

Enrollment Manager

Youngstown Branch Campus

Phone: 330-399-9992

e-mail: bokeefe@pia.edu

Roxanne Ober

Admissions and Outreach Coordinator

Hagerstown Branch Campus

Phone: 240-347-4805

e-mail: rober@pia.edu

Lori Fine

Admissions Representative

Youngstown-Warren Branch Campus

Phone: 330-399-9992 x2204

e-mail: lfine@pia.edu

Kristen Calhoun

Admissions Representative

Youngstown-Warren Branch Campus

Phone: 330-399-9992 x2203

e-mail: kcalhoun@pia.edu

Stacy Web Stacy El-Khatib

Student Services Coordinator

Myrtle Beach Branch Campus

Phone: 843-238-2700

e-mail: selkhatib@pia.edu