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  • Hagerstown PIA Technician Career Fair

    Hagerstown PIA Technician Career Fair

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 from 10AM to 2PM. Companies attending include: Applied Composites – Indianapolis, IN Cape Air – Multiple Location (typically Massachusetts) Constant Aviation – Cleveland, OH Dynamic Aviation – Bridgeville, VA Endeavor Air – Multiple Locations Envoy Air – Multiple Locations Flightstar – Jacksonville, FL Piedmont Airlines – Salisbury, MD PlaneSense – Portsmouth,

  • Myrtle Beach Campus Closed Monday – 10/5/15

    Due to the extreme rain and flooding, the Myrtle Beach Campus will be closed on Monday, October 5, 2015.

  • Celebrate Constitution Day

    Celebrate Constitution Day

    In celebration of Constitution Day (signed September 17, 1787), check out this video on how America’s national government and laws were established. You are also encouraged to click the following link to learn more about the US Constitution:

  • Graduate Career Map

    Graduate Career Map

    We’ve recently updated our Career Services page to include a map listing where recent graduates have started careers throughout the United States. Click  this link to check out where our graduates have transformed their education into a career!

  • Remembering Apollo 13

    Remembering Apollo 13

    April 17th is a remarkable day for the aviation community. It’s a celebration of ingenuity, collaborative effort and the innate human desire for survival regardless of the hardship. April 17th marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the safe return of the infamous Apollo 13 manned space flight. NASA’s pre-flight press kit states that the manned flight’s