Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program


Credit for Comparable Education and Training

At the school’s discretion, credit may be granted for comparable education and training. This credit may be based on approved coursework from other recognized schools or training facilities (when course descriptions match closely), or from the results of evaluation tests (when the course descriptions do not match closely enough). These examinations may be written, practical, or a combination of both, depending on the area being evaluated.


Credit for Examinations

PIA recognizes C.L.E.P., D.A.N.T.E.S. and Excelsior examinations for credit toward selected general education courses.



Under the PLA program, the Director of Education reviews each transcript(s) and/or exam result(s) to assign the appropriate credit. The transfer student is responsible for furnishing all required training documentation, test scores, and/or transcripts to the school for evaluation.

Regardless of the amount of credit awarded for previous education and training, a minimum of 40 credit hours must be completed in-residence in order to receive an associate degree from PIA.

For more information on the PLA program at PIA, please contact the Admissions Office.